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Samsung A Series explained - mobile prices amazon

Samsung's inexpensive, mid-range Galaxy A smartphones are renowned for being both durable and cutting-edge. How about the A Series, though? Which model is best? We'll walk you through the Galaxy A lineup in this guide to assist you in identifying the finest Samsung A Series phone for your requirements.

What is the Samsung A Series?

A line of mid-range smartphones from Samsung called the Galaxy A series balances affordability with cutting-edge features and the most recent smartphone technology. The "A" in "Galaxy" stands for "Alpha," since the 2014 release of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha was the first device in the line. Generally speaking, the more contemporary and technologically advanced the phone is, the higher the number is in the model name following the A.

Newer models frequently build upon earlier generations. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy A52, which replaced the A51 from the previous year, was introduced in 2021. With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in 2022, the Galaxy A line saw another evolution. The newest versions are always a safe pick when looking for the finest Samsung A Series phone.


How many Samsung A series phones are there?

Since the Samsung A series' first release, more than 60 phones have been produced in the line; however, there are presently only 9 models available. The most recent Samsung Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 5G smartphones are among them.

The lineup of Samsung Galaxy A phones for 2022

- Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
- Samsung Galaxy A13
- Samsung Galaxy A03
- Samsung Galaxy A03s

The lineup of Samsung Galaxy A phones for 2021

- Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
- Samsung Galaxy A72
- Samsung Galaxy A12
- Samsung Galaxy A02

The lineup of Samsung Galaxy A phones for 2020

- Samsung Galaxy A21s
- Samsung Galaxy A31
- Samsung Galaxy A41
- Samsung Galaxy A51
- Samsung Galaxy A71
- Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
- Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

The lineup of Samsung Galaxy A phones for 2019

- Samsung Galaxy A40E
- Samsung Galaxy A50E


Which Samsung A Series phone has the best camera?

Galaxy A53 has the finest camera of the current A-Series lineup. It has five cameras, including a 64MP primary camera with OIS that enables smoother video and clearer photo capture even in dim lighting.

You can easily take high-res outdoor photos with its 12MP Ultra Wide Camera. The backdrop may be blurred, and each face's finer features can be brought into focus thanks to the bokeh effect and 5MP depth camera. You may remaster each photo using the A53's powerful AI Picture Enhancer to improve the final product.

Are the Samsung A series phones water resistant?

Samsung A Series explained - mobile prices amazon

Although not all of the series, the most recent Samsung A range smartphones are water-resistant. The Galaxy A53 and A33 5G have the water and dust resistance rating IP67*. They can withstand 1.0 meters of water for up to 30 minutes in this way. One of the main distinctions between the A series and the S series is that all Samsung S series devices have an IP68 certification, which means they can withstand submersion for a maximum of 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. However, it is not advised to dive into the water with your Galaxy smartphone because seawater and chlorine are typically bad for devices.

What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A53 and A33?

                                            Samsung A Series explained - mobile prices amazon
Samsung A Series explained - mobile prices amazon

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